Thematic Workshops

Weekend Workshops with Points of You® Cards

During the half-day or full day workshops you shall have the opportunity to reflect on the questions that occupy your mind. Throughout the workshops we use Points of You® cards which activate both the creative and logical side of the brain in order to bring new aspects and deeper understanding into the preparation of your plans for the future. Apart from understanding your current situation better, you will have the chance to reinforce your positive experiences and resources in a creative way. Every workshop is concluded with the preparation of an action plan and a self-reflective closure. Throughout the workshops you can work on yourself and the topic you bring in a safe and supporting environment. During our work I use classic coaching, NLP and Points of You® methods and tools.

Minimum number of participants: 6 people

Location: Comfortable training room in the 1st district in Buda, close to Mammut shopping centre; or close to Móricz Zsigmond Square (please always check the relevant event for details.)

Duration: 4-7 hours depending on the topic

Topics (please see below in more detail): New Year’s Resolutions into Reality, Self Portrait – Self-knowledge, Communication and Connection, Nature and Sustainability, Free Flow: All or Nothing, Dance & Coaching

Workshops are also available based on personalized offer. Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information and details.


w Year’s Resolutions into Reality

Every year we make a decision: “from this year on I will…” we make a new year’s resolution, new plans. Did you think of what would happen if these resolutions lasted more than a month and become reality? If yes, here is the opportunity to make sure that plans are followed by actions to achieve lasting change in the field of your life that is important to you. During the workshop you can think it through how to turn your imagined future into reality, you can draw up a step by step plan to bring it into completion. You can find your inner motivation that will help you to effectively generate the change you wish for.


Self Portrait – Self-knowledge Training

Would you like to improve your self-confidence and see how you fit into the world around you and find your place in it? During this session we work with individual characteristics, inner values, human nature and self-image.  You will have the chance to look at yourself from the inside and from the outside, inspiring deeper recognition and understanding of yourself and others. You can create an inner map of yourself, make and inventory of your strengths, opportunities and find the most adequate direction for your personal development which you can pursue from the heart.


Personal Boundaries

Have you ever found yourself in situations which are uncomfortable, stressed and you are still in it? Have you made the question to yourself: why did I say yes, when in reality I wanted to say no? Setting up personal boundaries and the ability to be able to say no is very difficult for most of us and it is something that is learnable. It can help you in your day to day life to handle minor and greater situations and stay in balance with yourself. In this workshop we focus on these situations and your role in the process: what you can do to understand your own boundaries better, boundaries that shape your days, relationships and how you can communicate your boundaries effectively.


Communication and Connection

Would you like to cooperate better and more effectively with your partner, colleagues, team? Are you looking for answers in the area connection and communication? During this workshop you can experience the method of active listening, you will have the chance to look at our current situation, how you communicate and how others communicate with you. You can define your goals how you would like to change the present and what you can do to generate positive change that suits you best.


Nature and Sustainability

Nowadays there are more and more conversations about the protection of nature, wildlife and sustainability. Would you like to bring more awareness and conscientiousness into your daily life? Would you like to find a way to do something on a personal or corporate level for your environment? In this session you have the opportunity to get an overview about the topic and also about yourself in the picture. We map out your possibilities and you prepare your action plan about the things you (and/or your team) can do to achieve your goal.


Free Flow: All or Nothing

For this workshop you can bring any topic where you would like to have a better, deeper insight and would like to have a solution. In this session everyone will work on his or her own topic. We will work with self-knowledge, self-image, communication, and reinforcement of positive experiences and resources. You can prepare the album of your life where past, present and future have even roles. Like in all workshops, we close the work with an action plan and reflection.


Dance & Coaching

A workshop that goes beyond the dance steps and helps dancer’s development on a personal level. This workshop gives the opportunity to discover the deeper aspects of your motivation while it can provide a new path for creative development by bringing you around your story from a new point of view. You have the chance to define your path of improvement, to discover and reinforce your own style, to develop your communication on a verbal and non-verbal level. There will be exercises in couples, in a group and you will also have the chance to work individually. There is no need for previous dance experience, beginner and advanced dancers can equally participate.




Photos by Points of You®