Profil"The Magic is in You" - Sometimes all we need is a little help to see the magic inside of us that has already been there from the very beginning. I worked for years for multinational companies in Hungary and the US - while I have been also actively dancing Argentine tango in particular - I have experienced that against the odds of cultural differences people can establish meaningful relationships in both their business and private lives by learning and knowing more about themselves and other people's attitude and personality as well as the positive effects of changes.

Based on my own experience, many times change is not easy, on the contrary it’s often scary and very difficult and still it worth the effort and energy because at the end of the journey I found relief, satisfaction and understanding that everything happens with a reason, a reason to transform things for the better in my life. I have to confess when I look around the sun shines brighter in the sky. :) In my everyday life and at work I recharge myself from this, and I also use my intuition, my dear friend, whom I learnt to listen to attentively.

Coaching has become one of the greatest passion of my life where I found those values and the kind of development I believe in. Here I feel home, and I can do something with all my heart.

I believe that every block we struggle with carries an opportunity for a new start we may not see at this point amongst the daily routine of life, among the running thoughts and emotions we experience. Overcoming these difficulties, looking the issues from new perspective we can find the best solutions, the solution that is best for us that roots from us. This is where coaching can help you. Here you can discover the opportunities in yourself, so you can make a positive change in your life in a supporting and accepting environment.

Apart from dancing and coaching I also love playing tennis, travelling, hiking and exploring the beauty of nature, getting away from the rush of the city life and disconnect in order to connect with nature. Exploring Madeira, the Azores and South-Africa are also among my plans, with a nice book and my camera…

The secret is here in the present. If you pay attention to the present, you can improve upon it. And, if you improve on the present, what comes later will also be better." – Paulo Coelho: The Alchemist

Work experience in other positions

Morgan Stanley Magyarország Elemző Kft. (Budapest, 2009-2013), Morgan Stanley & Co. LLC (New York, 2013-2016), Professional Administration Group (Budapest, 2017-2018), Vertis Environmental Finance Ltd. (Budapest, 2018-2020).

Coaching References

I received my "Qualified Business Coach" certificate by Coach School 130 hours training program, ACSTH (Approved Coach Specific Training Hours) approved by ICF.

ICF Global Member since February 2019.

I attended the Points of You® Train the Trainer development course in April 2019 and got the Points of You® Practitioner certificate in November 2019.

I completed the ICF acredited Coach Specific Course using NLP  tools in November 2019.

2020. June. Points of You® Certified Practitioner

“During the sessions spent with Krisztina (with her help) I managed to realize that the things I often experienced as barriers and weaknesses in my private life and at work are not like that at all. She showed me that those can and worth to be looked at from different point of view, so they cannot be blocking factors any more. It was good to share with her my inner fears, my struggles, because at the end of our meetings I left with great recognitions, relieved, energized and with a solution in my hand. In short, I can say, that every single session was a tremendous help for me and also a feedback (not from her, but about me) that I am on the right path and I have to trust myself and my abilities and I can reach my goals. Thank you Krisztina!” – Mónika Babják

“I came to know Krisztina as a kind and open coach. She found the common tone with me quickly and during our conversations she always asked the accurate and appropriate questions which helped me to go beyond the actual problems. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for a conscientious and honorable coach and brave enough to face him- or herself and by that, develop.” – Zsolt Suba


As an ICF Member I regularly participate in the organization's CSR Program.

Foster Parent – Port Macquarie Koala Hospital 2019-2020. I adopted Anwen, one of the koalas in their care who was injured during the bushfires in August 2019. She had fully recovered and was released back to the wild in March 2020.

Foster Parent – The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust 2019-2020. I adopted Roho, the 9 month old baby elephant in their care who was taken to the nursery in October 2019 after being found next to his dead mother - most probably a victim of human-wildlife conflict and poaching.


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